Why Blog?


Top 10 Reasons to Start a Blog (About.com)

How to write great blog posts if you’re not a great writer (Kid’s Blog Club)

Kid’s Blog Club has tons of information about how to blog and how to blog better.





Find blogs about topics you are interested in and see for yourself why blogging is great!

  1. Google search: BLOGS ABOUT (SOMETHING YOU ARE INTERESTED IN) Ex: football, make-up, cats, horses, skateboarding, fashion, cars, trucks, environment, hockey, dirt biking, ski-dooing, math, art, photography, synchronized swimming, etc.
  2. Look at 3 different blogs about topics you are interested in. There are tons of great blogs out there, search around, don’t just settle on the first three that come up on the Google search. Another great way to find blogs is to look for the “Top 10” blog lists.
  3. Write down the blog address (Ex: http://www.missnixonsclassroom.wordpress.com) and the blog title/heading (Miss Nixon’s Class: Internship with Mrs. Helfrich and Her Grade 8 Classes @ Yorkdale Central).
  4. Briefly explain what the blog is about/what is the main topic? (Grade 8 Education)
  5. Check out what makes each blog unique. Record three (3) thing you liked about each blog and give examples.

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